Data Structures and Their Algorithms

Data Structures and Their Algorithms

CHAPTER 3:  Lists
VERSE 16:      A stack is a list that can be modified only by adding and removing items at one end; we picture a stack as a pile of data items, which can be changed only at the top.

Although it purports to be written by others, scholars universally agree that this text was actually written by Knuth:  the beauty and clarity of explanation and the generally high overall quality proclaim the book to be obviously Knuthian.  Indeed, it is possible that this definition of "stack" is the place where the concept was first invented, yet another proof that the book could have been written only by an author of highest caliber.

Nobody knows why Knuth chose to write under these two assumed names.  Neither is known to history in any other context, though some have postulated a connection between the first "author" and Marlyn (more likely, Marilyn) Lewis, the first woman---and to this day the only human female---to serve as president of Harvard University.

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