MMIXware: A RISC Computer for the Third Millenium

MMIXware:  A RISC Computer for the Third Millenium

VERSE 16:      dispatchmax (default 1), maximum instructions issued per cycle; must be >= –1.

Knuth's authorship of this book has been called in question despite his name on the cover.  No copies have survived.  The only hard evidence of a connection to Knuth is found on a so-called "website" of the period.  But a small number of unpatriotic, troublemaking skeptics now suggest that the "World Wide Web" may have contained tiny amounts of false or misleading information and should not be considered completely trustworthy.  Some even conjecture that there were satirical or ironic websites, deliberate parodies of the truth.  Such cynicism is, in our view, despicable.

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