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Date: April 24th, 2009

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Here’s a little more about daily life in Israel:

The daily diet includes lots of yogurt, cucumbers and tomatoes. The Israeli cucumbers are much smaller and sweeter than US varieties. Even the McDonalds restaurants here offer a “chopped’ salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and onions with mint and a lemon vinaigrette dressing. It’s delicious! Israelis also love mint (”nana” in Hebrew). We drink nana tea, which is just mint leaves and hot water. Or we put mint leaves in regular tea. We also eat hummus with just about every meal.

[Larry inserts: Cherry tomatoes are the real treat here. I've never tasted any as good. By the way, the chopped salad mentioned above used to be called "Israeli salad". But the name has changed; now it's "Arab salad" as often as not. I wonder why.]

Israelis also LOVE candy, pastries and other sweet things. They never refuse an opportunity to eat cake and croissants and sugar. There are “canditoriot” which sell…. well, not quite candy but pastries and other sweet things. It’s hard to keep your weight down here with so many sweets.

Cows are a big deal here. Every kibbutz or moshav has a herd of cows. We visited a dairy farm in a small town called Beit Lechem HaGlilit where children get to tour the entire plant from raising the cows to milking them and making cream and butter. You’ll see we got a chance to feed a calf, too.

Here also is a photo of our favorite ice cream spot.

Passover is a huge deal here, much like Christmas break in the states. The entire country takes the 7-day holiday off. We did many fun things during Passover but one particular excursion was notable: We visited Oasis of Peace, a small village near Jerusalem where Arabs and Jews coexist and promote peace. The village was inspiring but what was really interesting was the group of people with whom we happened to take the tour. They were a group from an Episcopalian church in San Francisco on a peace mission during the Easter season. The tour guide was talking about how peace requires understanding and compromise and willingness to hear both sides. The minister’s wife befriended me and launched into a vitriolic attack against Israel for ruining the Arabs’ lives here. I tried to find the middle ground with her but her hostility would not be so easily silenced. I marveled at just how hot a topic peace in Israel must be if a minister’s wife from San Francisco could so easily find hatred in a village dedicated to peace.

Love to all — Rachael

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  1. shulamit Says:

    Dear Ones,
    Thanks for the wonderful accounts. Love to you from Pasadena! I had the pleasure of being with Ben Rosner for the first seder. My grand-daughter, Serena,and I went to Ben’s in the woods and did the cooking. We took a walk in the trees once everything was in process and continued to have a wonderful time when Ben and my daughter, Rebekah, arrived.
    Thanks for visiting my sister, Chana, in Yerushalayim.
    Happy Iyar!

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